Sunday, October 21, 2007

Spooks in Space

This isn't the scariest or spookiest song in the world. It's just a jam.

Aural Exciters - Spooks In Space

Aural Exciters was Bob Blank's afterhours party record. Blank in 1979 was a very hot disco producer who also records in his own studio peolpes like, Sun Ra, the Talking Heads, Instant Funk, Ashford and Simpson, the Beach boys, Donna Summer, Eddie Palmieri, Machito, & Fania all stars, and of course amost all ZE records recordings artists : Kid Creole & the coconuts, James White & the Blacks, The Contortions, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Lydia Lunch with who he co-produce « Queen of Siam ». After the sessions finished Bob used to ask all theses brillant artists to do something on his own project Aural Exciters. August Darnel and Andy "Coati mundi" Hernandez from Kid
Creole & the Coconuts wrote almost all the songs, helped with Ron Rogers & Adriana Kaegi from the Coconuts. The best studio musicians were the house band, James Chance played sax, Pat Place from the Contortions some guitars, eveybody contributed this crazy fun project. And it realy sounds like an avant garde Latin flavored P-Funk party. The album became over the years a cult mutant disco album played all overf the world.

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Alejandro said...

I'm glad someone finally remembered this incredible group!
I'm still looking for one of their tunes i heard back in 1979: Goin' to a showdown.
Is there any chance that you can communicate with me to see how we could do it?

Alejandro (Argentina)