Sunday, October 14, 2007

Havent Been Funked Enough

Extras & J.Griffin (Noel Williams) - Havent Been Funked Enough 12" Konduko

King Sporty (born Noel G. Williams, Port Antonio 1943, Jamaica) is a Jamaican DJ, reggae musician, and record producer for the Tashamba and Konduko labels. He is best known for co-authoring the Bob Marley song, "Buffalo Soldier".[1]

In his early days Sporty rose to become a studio sideman under Clement Dodd's tutelage at Studio One. In 1965 he released the track "El Cid", credited to King Sporty and Justin Yap.

In 1977 Sporty released an album, Mr. Rhythm on his own Konduko label.[2]

He later moved to Miami, Florida and began producing music there under his Tashamba and Konduko labels. He evolved from reggae to funk to disco to electro to Miami bass between the 1970s and 1980s. Sporty found lasting hits in the electro funk canon with Connie Case's "Get on Down" and "Haven't Been Funked Enough", under his Ex Tras moniker when he made licensing deals with Tommy Boy Records in 1982.

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