Sunday, October 21, 2007

O, A, B, AB +/- (Vampire Buffet)

Lee Scratch Perry - Vampire

this song is less about actual Vampires and more of a reference to Perry's paranoid accusations that Blackwell (a white Englishman and investor) was a cultural imperialist and implicated Bob Marley of being an accomplice. For years, Perry referred to Blackwell as a vampire, and accused Marley of having curried favor with politicians in order to make a fast buck. Regardless of this kind of slander, Perry's production creativity and mastery will forever remain influential and timeless.

Hot Blood - Soul Dracula

Good fun horror-themed disco LP from Germany. Some of the musicians and the arranger involved here were also involved with the Boney M LPs from the same era, and you can hear the similarities

here's the Japanese cover version

and the video is amazing

Mad Hatter - Dracula's Boogie

song uses Extra T's "E.T.'s Boogie" beat in which Dracula goes to the projects and tries to get a date. Mad Hatter does all the vocals (all four!) in one take. Fun but a little grating to get through

Vampire's Sound Incorporation - The Lion and the Cucumber

Vampire's Sound Incorporated is music composed by Manfred Hubler and Siegfried Schwab. Their music became the soundtrack for three of Jess Franco's films (Vampyros Lesbos, The Devil Came From Akavasa, She Killed In Ecstasy)

awesome disco number form the Infamous "Blacula"

more disco dracula stuff with George Hamilton starring as the bloodsucker he truly is...

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