Monday, October 15, 2007


I came across college on myspace recently and fell in love with his sound. It reminds me of '87, coming down in a back room at some party with James Spader and Jami Gertz. The sun beginning to bleed through the venetian blinds, casting claret colored lines across a red leather sofa. A guardian angel, or maybe it's Jami, in the distance humming some Tangerine Dream tune between my bleary eyed, delusional, sleep deprived black outs..... anyways. So, then I tripped upon his blog valerie which is amazing!!!! He's also got some very talented friends anoraak and the outrunners !! Don't sleep on this !!!
I particularly like this mix, which is quintessential 80's soft synth pop.

Dusty Hayes - Special Mix For Michael Douglas for Valerie June 2007

playlist - "I Made Love To Sharon Stone"

1 - Tangerine Dream - Love on a real train (extended mix)
2 - Chris De Burgh - Lady In Red
3 - The Alan Parsons Project - Pipeline
4 - Neneh Cherry - Manchild
5 - The Beloved - Sweet Harmony
6 - Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy
7 - Bryan Ferry - Slave To Love

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