Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fox The Fox - Precious Little Diamond

Jonzun Crew

Aura - Baby Love Instrumental

Aurra - Baby Love Instrumental

just turn this one up!!!

I, Robot

oh stop, alan. you crazy

Suzanna Ciani on 3-2-1 Contact

Suzanna Ciani on 3-2-1 Contact
Demonstrating Sound Synthesis.

D-Train Theme

truley feelin' this brother. Man gets under my skin. Can't get funked enough. Especially nice dub cut, ugh.... feel it!

D-Train - Theme Dub

and check this video oh him on Tops Of The Pops with Paul Hardcastle jammin on the keytar

Can You Feel It?

The Jacksons - Can You Feel It
this is a great example of late 70's specialFX, composite imaging. I love how epic the sound effcts are, almost drowning out the killer track behind it. Lord, what ever happened to mikey

Shirley Ross - If You Leave Me Now

there have been many italo covers of popular 70's & 80's chart toppers. Some good, but most are forgettable. However, Shirley Ross's cover of "If You Leave Me Now" by Chicago is by far one the truest and finest realizations of this hit. I hope you dig it as much as I do...

Shirley Ross - If You Leave Me Now

and for grins here's the Chicago version I found on Youtube

JAZ's Amor mix

John Zahl a.k.a JAZ can be found all over cyberspace these days with his killer edits of obscure disco on Beard Science and his amazing mixes on
In his own words, Jaz "wishes to bring the world of obscure music from the late 1970s and early 1980s together with the history of Lutheran and Cranmerian theological thought."
well, I just got this mix from him over the weekend and it's been making sweet sweet rapture to my ears. Here's Jaz's Amor Mix... enjoy

and look out for the new 12" out on Beard Science. Here's the review:
Phonica says:
"Following on from his work on the Beard Science: Razor Sharp Edits twelve that caused a bit of a storm round these parts late last yeat, John Zahl AKA Jaz returns with another 4 high class disco/ funk/ boogie edits for the Sixty Five label. Smoky, funky quality all round!"

Piccadilly says:
"As per usual the lovely paul Murphy sends us his records direct, which means we get no hype or sales notes, which when it comes to edits means trawling the internet searching for lyrics. This time I have been advised not to bother, for Paul, The Idjuts and even Moonboots haven't got a clue what the OG's are. I will still give you a run down. "Show Me The Doll" is an 80's sounding funk / disco crossover with ace bassline and synths, great drum fills and a Bowie-esque delivery (kind of). Next up is "Leg Room", a brilliant wonky piece of sludge disco with sampled voices and a nagging synth loop. Over on side-B "Jokin' My Way" is a bit of rock disco for you and last up is "I Fought The Claw And The Ray-Gun" which to me hints at Ray Mang and possibly Bear Funk / Big Bear, but it doesn't sound like, that being a driving bit of electro disco rock. Aceness all around, Jaz who is just some guy with a full time job, has me flummoxed."
Available from Phonica , Piccadilly, Juno, and other fine establisments. (Limited to 500)

Telephone Computer

Crazy Gang - Telephone Computer

BMX Breakin' Beats

this is one of my all time favorites....

Freeze - Pop Goes My Love (extended Dub)

and you got to love this video for their hit "A.E.I.O.U.". Takes me back to the days when all I wanted to do was poplock on my Diamond Back