Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Pubescent Wolf

Freddie's Back

Another MC A.D.E. track. This time it's the instrumental b-side to his "Freddie's Back" single. Just some good ol' bass to kill for

Return Of The Living Dead

Disco Death

This single is a perfect representation of the Post-Punk-Nu-Disco era of the late 70's and early 80's. Here, ex-Rotten John Lydon and his Public Image Limited band turn disco patterns into punky distorded funk

P.I.L. - Death Disco

and their video from Top Of The Pops

and this track is a cover track of Public Image Limited's "Death Disco". The New Beat version has strong & slower beats. This belgian electronic mood has also basslines of TB 303 and weird effects. The original one had elements of disco bass and punk rock, with lyrics like "Seen it in your eyes", a paradox about what the eyes show and the words cannot say...

Arbeid Adelt! - Disco Death

and here's a live version of the same song

Halloween Disco, literally

this is the result of typing in halloween disco into my itunes. This lil' diddy popped up. Not a classic by any standards. Really just another lackluster italo' track, but they got the chorus right. I can see this getting a 'howl' on halloween

Forbidden Fruits - Disco Halloween

Monday, October 22, 2007

Carpenter Bass

John Carpenter - Halloween Theme, classic!

one of the best sampled bass songs ever. The halloween theme really kills it.

MC A.D.E. - How Much Can You Take

I love the theme music at the beginning of Halloween III. Check out the video

two of my favorite scenes from Halloween III

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Space Flying Nightmare

Space was a French group originally derided for their bizarre UK disco hit in 1977, "Magic fly"; then began to release obscure underground disco, like the blue vinyl LP "Just blue" containing tracks like "My love is music", "Final signal" and "Symphony". Cheq also "Tango in
space" and "Carry on, turn me on" on 12" version.

Space - Flying Nightmare

and their hit video - Magic Fly

The Stuff 1985

The Stuff - 1985

Plot - Weird yummy goo erupts from the earth and is discovered by a couple of miners. They taste it and decide to market it because it tastes so good. The American public literally eats up the new dessert sensation now known as the Stuff but, unfortunately, it takes over the brains of those who eat it, turning them into zombie-like creatures. It is up to ex-FBI agent David Rutherford and a kid named Jason to stop the spread of the mind-devouring dessert.


This is a longer clip, but I think the best part of this ridiculous film

2 songs with the word "Ghost" in the title

Suicide - Ghost rider is an ominous, eerie, and steam-punk droning anthem indicative of Suicide's early sound.

and the video for Ghost Rider

The Psychedelic Furs - The Ghost in You. off of the 1984 album Mirror Moves. Such a beautiful song, somewhat sad and morose. Quintessential Furs.

and the video

Spooks in Space

This isn't the scariest or spookiest song in the world. It's just a jam.

Aural Exciters - Spooks In Space

Aural Exciters was Bob Blank's afterhours party record. Blank in 1979 was a very hot disco producer who also records in his own studio peolpes like, Sun Ra, the Talking Heads, Instant Funk, Ashford and Simpson, the Beach boys, Donna Summer, Eddie Palmieri, Machito, & Fania all stars, and of course amost all ZE records recordings artists : Kid Creole & the coconuts, James White & the Blacks, The Contortions, Lizzy Mercier Descloux, Lydia Lunch with who he co-produce « Queen of Siam ». After the sessions finished Bob used to ask all theses brillant artists to do something on his own project Aural Exciters. August Darnel and Andy "Coati mundi" Hernandez from Kid
Creole & the Coconuts wrote almost all the songs, helped with Ron Rogers & Adriana Kaegi from the Coconuts. The best studio musicians were the house band, James Chance played sax, Pat Place from the Contortions some guitars, eveybody contributed this crazy fun project. And it realy sounds like an avant garde Latin flavored P-Funk party. The album became over the years a cult mutant disco album played all overf the world.

Halloween Miami Bass Style

Two 1987 singles from Miami Bass legend DJ Mannie Fresh, more recently known for his work as in-house producer for Cash Money Records.

"Monster Boogie", as with many songs from this genre and era, uses Kraftwerk mixed up ala Professor X's saga with the theme from 'The Munsters'... was that really necessary ;)

Gregory D & DJ Mannie Fresh - Monster Boogie

and another weakly themed Miami Bass hit based on the success of the Nightmare on Elm Street series

Gregory D & DJ Mannie Fresh - Freddies Back

Blood and Flesh

Le Syndicat Electronique
is the french precursor musician and performer, at work since
1997, founder of the European Third Wave manifesto and basis
of the current" Retro-garde "of the obscure minimal electronics 'come back'.
He is also the founder of the independent label Invasion Plan├ęte records.
This is a track off of the 2001 LP 'Terrorification'. I thought it was aptly appropriate for this hallow's eve.

a collection of scary stories

the haunted mansion - old radio broadcast

a classic halloween poem with great narration. The Kilkenny cats. spooky

Christopher Walken reciting Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven"

Boris Karloff reads a scary story. Nostalgic fun.

a haunted house tale. oldie but goodie

this is a picture of some haunted house someone made entirely out of ballons.

Charlie's Got to Rock

classic vid clip from my childhood

Chopping Mall

Chopping Mall
such a classic 80's b-movie horror schlock flick.
Plot Outline:
A group of teenagers that work at the mall all get together for a late night party in one of the stores. When the mall goes on lock down before they can get out, The robot security system activates after a malfunction and goes on a killing spree. One by one the three bots try to rid the mall of the "Intruders". The only weapons the kids can use are the supplies in other stores. Or...if they can make it till morning when the mall opens back up

the original trailer

awesome exploding head sequence

Halloween House

1988 white label classic chicago acid house produced by Rick Custer
Slick Master Rick - Halloween House

Ultra Rare 1983 Trax dark house record. A must in any halloween dance party mix
Le'Noize - I'm Scared

night of the living dead memories


Goblin's Suspiria is tense, spooky, darkly melodic Italian progressive rock circa 1977. This mostly instrumental album has a palpable sense of dread that takes the listener for a dark and twisted ride. I mean it's just creepy, and unlike most soundtracks Susperia succeeds as music that can be enjoyed separately from the film. In other words it's not background music. The compositions are top notch, the musicians are virtuoso level and there is a lot of timbral variation. Bells, assorted percussion, marimba, guitar, drums and some spooky keys are used effectively to set a properly disturbing mood in compositions that range from the atmospheric to the odd and almost jazz-like. Unusual and interesting.

Goblin - Suspiria

here's a creative use of Goblin's "Tenebre" in Justice's "Phantom"
listen here"

here's three different versions of the video trailer for Tenebre with original and sampled versions of the theme song

the original trailer:

and the non Justice but never the less remixed version

and now the Justice re-cut trailer. really like this one, the editor did a great job

Commodore 64 Ghostbusters

here's the totally rad 8bit theme song for the commodore 64 Ghostbusters game

and a youtube video with some of the game play

ahhh, the good old days

Marvel Zombie Epic

I just finished reading this awesome zombie series from marvel comics where all the superheroes get infected and turn into flesh eating monsters. They terrorize earth and each other. Like Spiderman eats his girlfriend and Aunty, awesome!!! I highly recommend the series for even the novice comic fan. Read more up on it here : Marvel Zombies
Here's some art from the series.....

O, A, B, AB +/- (Vampire Buffet)

Lee Scratch Perry - Vampire

this song is less about actual Vampires and more of a reference to Perry's paranoid accusations that Blackwell (a white Englishman and investor) was a cultural imperialist and implicated Bob Marley of being an accomplice. For years, Perry referred to Blackwell as a vampire, and accused Marley of having curried favor with politicians in order to make a fast buck. Regardless of this kind of slander, Perry's production creativity and mastery will forever remain influential and timeless.

Hot Blood - Soul Dracula

Good fun horror-themed disco LP from Germany. Some of the musicians and the arranger involved here were also involved with the Boney M LPs from the same era, and you can hear the similarities

here's the Japanese cover version

and the video is amazing

Mad Hatter - Dracula's Boogie

song uses Extra T's "E.T.'s Boogie" beat in which Dracula goes to the projects and tries to get a date. Mad Hatter does all the vocals (all four!) in one take. Fun but a little grating to get through

Vampire's Sound Incorporation - The Lion and the Cucumber

Vampire's Sound Incorporated is music composed by Manfred Hubler and Siegfried Schwab. Their music became the soundtrack for three of Jess Franco's films (Vampyros Lesbos, The Devil Came From Akavasa, She Killed In Ecstasy)

awesome disco number form the Infamous "Blacula"

more disco dracula stuff with George Hamilton starring as the bloodsucker he truly is...